About the Artist


Born in Sacramento, living in the East Bay, armed with a BA in English and an MFA in Visual Development from UC Santa Barbara and Academy of Art University (respectively), Myisha is a California girl through and through.

She has 2+ years of experience as a games and marketing artist, and when not working on her new webcomic, The Substitutes, Myisha spends her time decorating her house with superheroes and coveting other people's pets.


Gwenpool, Issues #11, 14, 15, & Holiday Special - Marvel, 2016-2017

The Substitutes - Independently created - September 2015 - Ongoing

Elements Anthology: Fire edited by Taneka Stotts and Shing Yin Khor - Firelily

Hamilton Pamphlet edited by Arielle Jovellanos - Ten Duel Commandments


Independent Inquiries: myisha.haynes@gmail.com

"The Substitutes" Inquiriesthesubstitutescomic@gmail.com